Component Lead Description
Avatars For issues relating to the avatar system. This includes: - In world avatar representation - Outfit system - Appearance Editor
Building/Content Creation For issues relating to the in world building tools.
Communications For issues relating to nearby chat, group chat, and private chat. Note that voice chat has its own component and should be used to capture all voice related issues. This component covers both the transmission of chat and the interfaces related to it.
Crashes Issues which involve a crash, an unexpected exit of the viewer due to error.
Documentation Issues which involve the internal help system ("?" icon on each window) or Wiki work
Groups Issues with the display, add, edit areas of the viewer group control tools.
Installer Issues Pertains to the Viewer installer
Inventory For issues relating to the inventory system and the inventory panel in the sidebar. This covers objects that you own, landmarks, trash, and traditional inventory management. The outfit system however, is an "avatar" issue.
L10n Localization issues
Land For issues relating to Land permissions/editing/etc.
LL Server Issues For LL serverside issues out of our control
Navigation & Teleporting For issues which deal with landmarks, map, and other navigation tools.
Other Grids
Performance For issues relating to the performance of the viewer (system performance, rendering, rez time, teleport time, etc).
Rendering For issues with the 3D window that relate to how the world is displayed. Note that this includes issues with drivers and graphics corruption. Interfaces like the build tools should be logged under 'Building/Content Creation'
RLVa For issues relating to RLVa
Shared Media For issues relating to media on a prim.
Source Code/Compiling Issues which revolve around the source code of the viewer and with building the viewer, including issues with autobuild
Translations Issues with translations of the viewer. Localization has its own L10n component
User Interface This includes all aspects of the user's interactions with the viewer itself, or with the world via the viewer's built in tools. The User Interface does not include objects attached to HUD attachment points.
Voice Chat