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Released: 19/Mar/12

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BlockerTaskFIRE-5504[SUPPORT] Add a modal dialog alert for PFVS to ask to allow to display viewer versionZi ReeClosed
BlockerTaskFIRE-5505Comment out "Publish radar tags to LSL" for nowSelo JacobusClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-1519SpaceNavigator joystick can not be configured and set up with FirestormArrehn OberlanderClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-1909[CRASH] Investigation Of Race In Threading CodeUnassignedClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-2483Mute/Block list consistently fails to load in FirestormAnsariel HillerClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-2650save snapshots to disk seems to hang searching for directory permissionsUnassignedClosed
CriticalImprovementFIRE-4444Camera Control feedback.UnassignedClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-4459[CRASH] lldrawble.h(336) LLDrawable::getFace: Invalid face index.Zi ReeClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-4945[SH-2908] Pink/Fushia textures when basic shaders enabled on ATI 3000-4000-5000 series cardsShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenClosed
CriticalImprovementFIRE-5214Version of StarLight for Firestorm 4.0.1Tonya SoutherClosed
CriticalTranslationFIRE-5330[patch] Terrific mistake in last translation patchAnsariel HillerClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-5461No Bottom or Side Bar buttons UnassignedClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-5484Starlight- search and how to windows only show part of the contentTank MasterClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-5533Unable to create skins or save skin changes on Firestorm skins & Vintage skins (Metaharper & Starlights work)Zi ReeClosed
CommitmentNew FeatureFIRE-1850Ability to search inventory by creator in Firestorm inventoryZi ReeClosed
CommitmentImprovementFIRE-2952would be much nicer to see our own profile / edit them the way they look to everyone elseUnassignedClosed
CommitmentBugFIRE-4170Privacy Eye does not appear in Top Bar for parcel settingsAnsariel HillerClosed
CommitmentImprovementFIRE-4247Return the option to have sculpty stitching type set to "None"Ansariel HillerClosed
CommitmentImprovementFIRE-4282Mini-map rings - change the colorsAnsariel HillerClosed
CommitmentBugFIRE-4692Chat bars don't get selected when opening nearby chat, group chat or IM windowsZi ReeClosed
CommitmentBugFIRE-4773crash after fully loading member list in group infoZi ReeClosed
CommitmentBugFIRE-5077crash llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp(1171)NickyClosed
CommitmentBugFIRE-5372FUI - Snapshots - Viewer Stays in Scene Select After Closing Floater, forcing a relog.Zi ReeClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-332Profiles nees a space for Inventory DropUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-398Failure to rez over waterUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-563Photos don't include antialiasing settingsUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-738"Cancel" button missing when teleporting and TP screens disabledZi ReeClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-799Possibility to see stream information using OpenALNickyClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-818Don't dock in skins without sidebarUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-900Media filter issuesTonya SoutherClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1098FS not enabling certain graphic settings properly upon loginUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1133People panel tabs overidden after displaying a classified adUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1135[fs] xui build tools, stay minimized when i click on edit, on my build.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1538Sidebar panels disappear instead of going back on the side when you close the windowUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1546Automatically pose avatar during (Sidebar)UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1724chat log loaded into an IM window has timestamp cut offUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-1804Online notification hogging screen at startupUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1873User UUID Key not shown complete on own ProfileUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-1904Double clicking on avatar name in Radar in view range does not focus camera on that avatarUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-2016What people want in FirestormUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2066[GERMAN] Group Profile Floater too smal for Roles and abilities Tab (German Floater)Tank MasterClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2081Z order of bottom status bar wrongUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-2177Autorespond under Online Status, should need a simple TickSelo JacobusClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-2282Create an option to remove v2 sidebar and restore v1 wide/text buttons in navbarUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-2357Want to prevent incoming IM from stealing focus / closing other transient docked windowsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2369Inventory wil not open when recieving new object or notecardUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-2494Inventory Search Lacks the Ability to search by Creator, Description, UUID..or all of theseZi ReeClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-2516opening inventory should cover im windows.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2692Inventory items can't be moved between two inventory windows.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2829prims go invisible randomlyUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2850Use V1 Viewer cursors style doesn't work anymoreLiny OdellClosed
MajorBugFIRE-2883Places Window (Landmark's Tab) Does Not Respond To KeyboardUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3022Crash due to 'bad memory allocation'UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3159Anti-aliasing setting not working as intendedUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3168Failed upload for KDU error (Linux)UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3257un-docked windows that hide / cover the bottom ToolbarUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3445[PATCH] Add Help Icon to Floaters; Link to WikiUnassignedClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-3460Add "Add to group" button on profile windowsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3481ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series Performance DegredationUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3502Nvidia opengl driver lost connection with your display driver error code 8UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3505Bottom bar buttons - Option to show icons or text & change size.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3509Conversation button and near by chat button show the same status if you click on contacts in the List.Arrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3510Group Messages don't open up if group is opend in SidebarUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3531"Show channel selection in chat bar" greys out channel selection instead of hidingZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3567"Live Search" in Inventory is Gone.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3632Two times "buy" didn't ask for confirmation and let me buy something I just clicked onUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3642Random black textures when lighting & shadows is disabled.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3653When working with a filtered inventory to clean it out, the viewer terminates 'Abnormally' under win 7 64bitUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3663Black lines rendering some texturesUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3695meshimportUseSLM default settingNickyClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3713[SUPPORT] Add the extra info shown when using /reqsysinfo to Help -> AboutSelo JacobusClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3728Avatar Eyeballs Are Solid White with Lighting and Shadows EnabledUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3889Unable to move Nearby Voice panelUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-3912Texture settings on prims and rednering in Firestorm as opposed to PhoenixUnassignedClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-3933the pictures under PICKS section in Firestorm are SO small you can barely see them. please return them to the size they were in Phoenix.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3974Login error: BAD REQUEST your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. request header field is missing ':' seperator. Apache/2.2.17 (CentOS) Server at port 80UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3977Group Notices not appearing in top right when pref is checkedUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-3989Specifiy Viewer checkbox steals focus from chatbarZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4007Crash when logging out on 3.2.1 & 4.0.1UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4015Notes on profiles get EATEN (deleted)UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4152Blank profile opens from people panel UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4154Items are incoming too fastUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4164[CRASH] Error: newview / llwearablelist.ccp(66): LLwearablelist :: LLwearableList:ASSET(mlist.empty())UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4169trying to compile and having an errorZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4299Snapshot camera "refresh" button takes 2 capturesUnassignedClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-4338Add the ability to hide your Group Tag from othersAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4436Missing Camera Smooting sliders.Ansariel HillerClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-4468Minimize floaters instead of docking to sidebar?UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4471Add number reading to camera view angleAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4608Update StarLight to match recent changes to FirestormHitomi TiponiClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-4693"Area Search" shortcut requestUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4771Add eject option to the moderator tools in group chatKitty BarnettClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4782Crash whilst using contactsetsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4800Crash on Firestorm with FUI integrationUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4810[SH-2963] Prims with 100% transparency dont show red-texture in CTRL-ALT-T modeShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4824Web Browser Plugin failed to openUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4879Wrong not requested sidebar => floater switchUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4895Logitech Performance MX wireless mousewheel zoom malfunctioningUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4935in the texture preview the riders are absentUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4979please allow toggle of group title to avatar hover text. Ansariel HillerClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-4997IM notification buttons should have option to move back to bottom right cornerUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5001Web profiles show regardless of prefrence optionKadah CobaClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5002Pressing "/" doesnt activate chat bar.Zi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5007[CRASH] to desktop when editing attachment - Yabusaka PetitesNickyClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5013Favorites bar not clickableTonya SoutherClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5016Favorites bar cannot be removed - Make navigation & favourites bars seperateUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5028Add a resize handle to the FUI nearby chat barZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5030Nearby chat bar doesn't remember being resizedZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5034[FUI] AO is not workingZi ReeClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5049Remove all sidebar skins from FUIUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5061FUI merge broke standalone buildTechwolf LupindoClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5065Search Bar in FUI not workingUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5069FUI regression Shout (Ctrl + enter) and whisper (shift + enter) not working on chat bar.Zi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5080PEOPLE-->FRIENDS-->Online tab does not display online friendsZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5094Pink Skin: Skin Texture Zones Rendering Incorrectly in
MajorBugFIRE-5111Clouds not rendered on FUI NickyClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-5125Empty System folders do not appear in InventoryAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5132[CRASH] ERROR: llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp (1876) : VertexBufferStrider<class llcolor4U,6>::get: VertexBufferStrider could not find valid Vertex data NickyClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5133Online/offline notifications - prefs proposalSelo JacobusClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5135RLV isnt restricting opening of FUI Buttons when they are set as restricted.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5145FUI: IM toasts brokenUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5180Missing bottom buttonsZi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5185Unable to re-add buttonsAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5188Metaharper FUI: Difficult to read colour scheme on tooltipsArrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5195[CRASH] when opening someone elses profile on Metaharper skinsZi ReeClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5200[PATCH] Some of the last spanish translations weren't applied to the lgpl branchUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5209Sliders for flashing chat tabs not workingAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5215[CRASH] when adding local file to bitmap browser if path of file contains an umlaut (possibly other?) characterNickyClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5216Unable to upload textures when the path name of the file contains an umlaut (possibly other?) characters. Bulk upload works.NickyClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5225Manage Mute / Block List Breaks People Button - Vintage Skin.Zi ReeClosed
MajorBugFIRE-52394.0.1.26670 the Toasts are missingUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5240FUI Legacy Profiles: All non friends show as blocked.Kadah CobaClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5250Navigation and Search Bar disappear after going into/out of mouselook.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5265Vintage Skin FUI - right click friends/group needs to point somewhere else. UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5266console/local chat is cut oft at the bottom by the UI chatbarAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5278Navigation Bar doesnt recover after mouselook in Current Nightly Firestorm 4.0.1 (26682) Feb 27 2012 03:04:07UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5279IM and Chat windows do not have titles when "Show IM's in: seperate windows" is enabled.UnassignedClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5282Media Alert notifications not fully translatableUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5300Exploding Triangles ATI Display GlitchesUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5301FUI Vintage: Notifications obscuredUnassignedClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-5324Client-side tag colors for distance from avatarAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5329New spanish translationsAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5331extremely difficult to add a new pick in Firestorm if using web profilesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5336Metaharper FUI: Floaters are light grey, not the almost black of metaharper skin.Arrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5338Metaharper FUI Legacy Profile: Non functional copy name & copy URI buttonsArrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5348Alternative to friend colour hightlighting, when chat distance colour tags are enabled (refiled as Improvement, replaces bug FIRE-5342)Ansariel HillerClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5361Spanish translation for local bitmap browser and some updatesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5399FUI Vintage: Edit Content Permissions [global] hides one paramTank MasterClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5417[FUI] Group URI will make FS BarfNickyClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5430Linux - Compile Failure llnetmap.cpp:439 UnassignedClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5437New spanish translations and updatesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-5440Seperate transparency setting for Notice toastsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5458Disabling bridge in preferences always results in wearing a rock at loginUnassignedClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5506New spanish translations and updatesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5510[PATCH] Texture repeats are too limitedArrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-5516Is there a keyboard shortcut for Close All Windows??UnassignedClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5521Spanish translation updatesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5530Search Function IssueUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5540[PATCH] FUI button layouts are reverted to default when changing skins within the same login mode.Arrehn OberlanderClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5543Spanish updates for last Preferences floater changesAnsariel HillerClosed
MajorTranslationFIRE-5549[PATCH] Spanish translation to match FIRE-5540Tank MasterClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5576[STARLIGHT] Improper Display of Second Life SearchUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-5929"highlighting of selected prims" is too faint. Can it be made brighter and visible through other prims?UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-6808Every now and then chat stops workingUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-6909new Nvidia cards in gpu_table.txtTank MasterClosed
MinorBugFIRE-531Button states for some buttons not correctUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-6471 Letter IMs not showing upUnassignedClosed
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-699Group title overview/changer floaterAnsariel HillerClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-839Add The Notes Tab On Own ProfileUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-850Language field to profileTank MasterClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-997Make these sidebar panels transparent that they will fit with the sidebarUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1083Profile button on bottom bar does not close profile on Starlight skinHitomi TiponiClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-1198Sidebar doesn't open Inventory if Object Profile or another Sidebarfloater are oppend first.UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1352FS 11671 ---> Open Script ---> Edit --> Message to set external editor (cannot set external editor in this version)Arrehn OberlanderClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-1366Minimized Floaters/WindowsUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-1378JavaScript is required for Search Functionality (message)UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1418Buy this Land in right click on ground menu is not going active when land is for sale.Zi ReeClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1441Resizing chat bar causes some bottom toolbar buttons to disappearUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1489Scroll bar clicks in the avatar profile group list count as clicks on a groupUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1510 range of avatars head has no effect.UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1650Items not showing in Recent inventory tabUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1704Appearance Window - Editing Shape - Not all selectors support image-click for gross changes.UnassignedClosed
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-1762Allow ZQSD to be used on Azerty Keyboards for movement instead of arrowsUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1798Exiting Mouselook Puts Keyboard Focus on Undocked Nearby ChatZi ReeClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1962Leaving Profile Pick in edit mode with closing window causes empty profile window (no content)UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-1981IM chat window disappears unless window is movedUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2022Font size issueUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2182Nearby Chat Text input should toggle lower chat inputUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-2226The Content of the Pics Floater is to large.UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-2233Grey color pallete swatch brings up incorrect (yellow) colorUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2467Please add Phoenix Default Skin to FirestormUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-2520Side scroll bar in Conversations Nearby Chat and IM window only moves 1 pixelUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2592Ctrl-W to close undocked (or docked too) sidebar windowsUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2686Empty space in top menu bar is 'void' and allows for left clicking through itUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-2730Mini map needs to be able to be made MUCH smallerAnsariel HillerClosed
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-2748[Inventory] should open up and view recieved itemUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-2820"MissingSSE2" LangString in language tables causing lots of extra build warningsUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-2879Own Profile About Fields dont show line breaks.Kadah CobaClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-3002Errors in Search leave no way to back outUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-3055Inventory Search does not steal focus when opened using CTRL+IUnassignedClosed
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