Version Phoenix Firestorm 4.2.2


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Released: 27/Aug/12

Release Notes

Emergency fix version due to FIRE-7427Show more
BlockerBugFIRE-6898Unable to accept TOS on 4.1.1 RC buildsLiny OdellClosed
CriticalBugFIRE-7427[VWR-29562] front wheels on cars appear out of rotation - llSetRot does not clear TargetOmega rotationTonya SoutherClosed
CriticalNew FeatureFIRE-7502Separate chat log data from preferences dataUnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-350Automatic Popup not available in FSTank MasterClosed
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-3909create some way to clear older/stale notificationsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4179in rlv inventory still blocked after restriction liftedUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4614[MAINT-653] Shadows are wrong rendered and flickering in Big HighesShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4844Notifications show up in the center right, and are then moved to the top right just as you move the mouse overUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-4975Can not authorize Flickr UploaderUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-5299Firestorm crashing when moving attached prim.UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-6939[PHOENIX] Color Code Friends tagsUnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-7137Changes to your profile text does not saveUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-7168random system lockups when running the firestrom client.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-7442[OPENSIM] No parcel/Region-Sound in osgridArmin WeatherwaxClosed
MajorBugFIRE-7449UI Bug with "Stand" buttonWhirly FizzleClosed
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-726If LEFT_BUTTON is held, RIGHT_BUTTON doesn't do anythingUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-4111chat command "cao on" and "cao off" to toggle the button on the bottom barUnassignedClosed
TrivialNew FeatureFIRE-909Reset Button - UI ExtrasUnassignedClosed
TrivialNew FeatureFIRE-3626Limit distance on notification of someone taking a pictureUnassignedClosed
TrivialSupport RequestFIRE-8057Error on exit: message pipe is in error state (104)UnassignedClosed
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