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BlockerBugFIRE-12037Inventory Offer Dialog boxes hidden Pantera PółnocyPassed QA
BlockerBugFIRE-12312[Firestorm-exp AIS3] [SUN-125] Materials are brokenAnsariel HillerPassed QA
BlockerBugFIRE-12483[Mac 10.6] Firestorm crashes on launch with a Library not loaded error (libc++) in 39770 nightlyCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
BlockerTaskFIRE-12825Merge in fitted mesh support for 4.5.2 releaseTank MasterPassed QA
BlockerBugFIRE-12858disabling Basic shaders now makes the UI practically unusable UnassignedPassed QA
CriticalBugFIRE-12298[AIS3 QA] Upper body bake failUnassignedPassed QA
CriticalBugFIRE-12334[MAINT-3506] When opening a notecard or script containing certain characters or if those characters are pasted in a chat, viewer instantly crashes to desktop.NickyPassed QA
CriticalBugFIRE-12590Object instant messages aren't saved to viewer transcript or chat.txt log.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
CommitmentBugFIRE-11586slurls / map links do not open inworld from maps.secondlife.comAnsariel HillerPassed QA
CommitmentTaskFIRE-12651Increment Bridge Version Before Next ReleaseUnassignedPassed QA
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-752spam block: give object/owner or avatar name instead of UUIDAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-938[VWR-20740] [MAINT-281] "copy and wear" does replaceAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-1241shows all links as worn if i wear a no copy item that is linked into another outfit folderUnassignedPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-1392Unable to move Notecards into landmark folderAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-1845Minimap trasparency sliderAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-4093Firestorm Grey - unreadable text on IM tabs when horizontal tabs selectedAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-4145[SPANISH] comodidad y facilidad durante la construcción o la edición de objetos / comfort and ease during construction or editing of objects / Display all build floater tabs in fullUnassignedPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-4610We need the ability to copy/paste EMPTY Folders. UnassignedPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-4849Please add the Voice Chat status icons to the nearby tabAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-5283Adding the option of Sorting friends in "People" by user nameAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-5394Adding large groups of people to contact sets via the minimapAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-6238Ampersand affects Object Details floaterAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-6643Display MOTD when login screens are disabledUnassignedPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-6703[MAINT-994] Improvement suggestion for handling notifications open_notifications.xml problemNickyClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-7161[VWR-29141] Region Restart Message Authentication and NotificationUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-7978@attach/attachover etc incorrectly detaches temp-attachmentsKitty BarnettPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-8813Warn user, if open_notifications.xml file is too big or there are too many saved notifications (with "don't show me this again" checkbox)NickyPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-9002Clear Stored Notifications at LogoutNickyPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-9293[BUG-1726] [MAINT-2386] [CRASH] Viewer crashes when adding 2 or more landmarks to an empty Favorites barUnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-9802[SUN-69] Removing any worn item from avatar results in all temp attachments being taken off ShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-9803[SUN-56] Objects attached with llAttachToAvatarTemp disappear after exiting edit appearance mode ShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-9938Dots onto the mini map marking systemAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-9951[BUG-2365] [MAINT-2606] [SSA] Fell into ground after saving edited shape (hover)Cinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-10144[OPENSIM] Client Tags are totally messed up and that totally makes Cinder Sad :( <- SadCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-10462ScriptEditor: Unable to see start and end of selection with Firestorm Dark skinAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-10622[PHOENIX] Add Animation ExplorerZi ReePassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-10903[PATCH] LSL Preprocessor causes compile error (Syntax Error) if included file does not have a blank line at the endTonya SoutherPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-10940Add option to suppress group notice text in group chat.Pantera PółnocyPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11096[CHUI] Names not updatingCinder BiscuitsClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-11108Please inform the user when & why wireframe mode is cancelled by a detach restriction (RLVa)UnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11503[CRASH] Hang on edit Quick PrefsZi ReePassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-11516Please add a Block/Mute list toolbar buttonCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11601[CHUI] [BUG-3832] [MAINT-3119] Gestures can't be typed correctly in the local consoleCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11678Sort contacts by user name even if display name is shown is not working consistently (again)Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11689[BUG-3926] [MAINT-3163] [CHUI] Conversations window is able to be dragged below bottom chat/toolbar making it difficult to recover.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11709Object owners list in About Land contains blank namesAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorTaskFIRE-11776Test if rev 38325 causes any regression for Intel HD cards running latest drivers - rainbow UI textures or flashing UI/world view.Tank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11788opening more than 1 snapshot / texture failsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11794UserLoginInfo Not Saved Between Sessions for Certain AccountsCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11809[Regression] Favorites from login page not available for 'Resident' accountsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11815Muted avatar's IM, llRegionSayTo() and llInstantMessage() newline spam triggers antispam block messages.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11830[BUG-4100] [MAINT-3280] RenderResolutionDivisor broken after Firestorm-exp mergeTonya SoutherPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-11871[PHOTOTOOLS] [PATCH] PhotoTools Floater & Edit Sky Preset 1.1 UpdateAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-11872[PHOTOTOOLS] Add Debug values to independently control RenderShadowGaussian X and Y for inclusion in PhototoolsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11917Deselect chat after sending message deselects local chat window as well - this is different from before Liny OdellPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11928[BUG-4213] [MAINT-3338] Particle glow brokenShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11935[BUG-2323] [Regression] delete key no longer works in Edit/contentsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11946Crash logger reporter appears after using 2 or more instances of FSNickyPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11968[MAC Mavericks OS X 10.9] Cant enable all graphics optionsTank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-11999[BUG-4293] [MAINT-3374] 4.5.1 Beta does not allow disabling of usernames in chat when using V1 style chat headers.Tank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12003[VWR-23798] [OpenJPG] Crash (infinite loop) when baked textures fail to decode - Crash in 64 bit standalone during login - linuxTank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12033[BUG-4330] [MAINT-3392] Transparency is not transparent on some worn rigged mesh when ALM is disabled. Tank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12044Lighting is incredibly dark. 10.000 radius now equals about 4.000 instead maybe less.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12049[OPENSIM] loginuri doesn't workCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-120714.5.1.38838--When IM or chat window is in horizontal mode and timestamps are unchecked, all input/output is on two lines. First line is name only, second line is colon followed by rest of text. If timestamps are allowed this problem goes away. Cinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12083Latency Skin Missing for LinuxAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12094Please make the crosshairs for area searches scalable so we can widen them and make them more visibleCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12101[x64 and x86 ???] Vivox Voice Service Crashes on Logout( has debug login)UnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12129[OpenSim] Use of hop:// to launch Firestorm 4.5.1 OS beta crashes viewerCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12195[gpu_table] Graphic card not known - Radeon R9 290 SeriesTank MasterPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12200[REGRESSION] Ability to edit classified ad from legacy profile is broken.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12230When enabled, anti-spam can be more spammy then the spam it is blocking and can decrease viewer performance if lots of "spam blocked" messages are displayed.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12256[METAHARPER] Background colour of script dialogs does not display correctly.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorNew FeatureFIRE-12264[PATCH] Option to add clothing on double click in inventoryAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12275Material Offset not working correctly Tonya SoutherPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12289[PATCH] Advanced Permissions don't show TransferCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12317[Firestorm-exp AIS3] facebook button impossible to remove until relogAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12319Keep getting this message when trying to upload a texture onto Secondlife: ERROR: llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp(781) : drawRange: Wrong index buffer bound.UnassignedClosed
MajorImprovementFIRE-12320Option to use single line chat editors rather than expanding onesCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12333Nav bar Home and Previous/Next buttons don't release focusCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12337Readd DEV-4907 after merge optionally, defaulting it off - Report the SLURL of the region you completed a teleport fromCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12368Provision of a set of additional textures for StarLight/StarLightCUI to match new icons in Firestorm 4.5.2Hitomi TiponiPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12412[x86 only] After clean installing, then relogging, worn objects are no longer shown in the Worn tab in the inventory.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12416Please make it so the new clickable online/offline notifications are handled the same way as radar names in logs so the readable name is logged.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12446Recent items showing entire inventoryUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12462Compilation failed CMakeFiles/Makefile2:1827: recipe for target 'newview/CMakeFiles/firestorm-bin.dir/all' faileTechwolf LupindoPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12479Reject TP offers also rejects TP requestsUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12481Firestorm exits when returning from "away" conditionAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12524Movelock can't turn offPantera PółnocyPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12537CTRL-Up in text boxes discards what you just typedAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12542Add "Report" option to profile Gear menuAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12649Avatar name context menu in chat contains extra non functioning options when V1 chat headers are disabledAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12658[PATCH] Amendments to StarLight and StarLightCUI skins to reflect recent changes in dev version of Firestorm.Hitomi TiponiPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12659Copy / Paste position values between 2 viewers is not accurateAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12667rev: 39863 - Add ability for chat history window and its chat entry area to keep focus after sending a message while letting the normal chat bar still lose focus on enter.UnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12682recent itemUnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12750Strange results when searching in Friends Tab in the People Pannel using Filter PeopleAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12797Runtime Error R6025 and crash when editing contact setsUnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12831Negative rotations for materials textures revert to zero when build floater is closed. This can break the synchronise materials feature.Tonya SoutherPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12834Toasts keep popping upAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorImprovementFIRE-12845Erase a friend from the minimapAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12856Firestorm Dark skin - conversation window background colour change between 4.5.1 and 4.5.2Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12859Position, Size, Rotation Copy Buttons - clicking C button crashes the viewer on Vintage and Starlight skins.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorDocumentationFIRE-12870fs_height_offset wiki page incorrectMiro CollasPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12878[FITMESH-22] Random "None" hovertext above avatars hitbox in the Fitted Mesh beta viewer. Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12894Profile classified has no info in info tabUnassignedPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12895[FITMESH MERGE] Two different sounds are played when a region restartsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MajorBugFIRE-12896[FITMESH MERGE] Custom region restart times do not give any UI warning the region is restarting and do not play an audio alert.UnassignedClosed
MajorBugFIRE-12898Restoring Backup Settings does not restore Graphics Settings after viewer restart.Tank MasterPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-1256[SSB REGRESSION] [STORM-2008] Wearing and removing gestures all at one time. Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-1502Enter key does not start WASD movement from nearby chat windowLiny OdellPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-2258Framerate Limiter OptionUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-3093Adding names to contact sets via radarCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-3119Alias Display Names feature in Contact SetsCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-3768Some icons need realignment in multi floaterAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-3884Less prim tortured rezplat now that we can rez up to 64mUnassignedPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-5390[CRASH] on 'Add New Avatar' in Contact SetsUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-6059[CHUIBUG-77] [CHUI-691] Sim Messages getting Busy Response to peoples Auto ResponseAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-6169[CHUIBUG-79] [CHUI-689] When Autoresponse is enabled, Direct Delivery offers come from (nobody) in IM.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-6388Liberation Font: Mini Map shows 2 Ns (for North) and W (west) is missingAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-6460[Patch]Make online/offline notifications in local chat clickableAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-6796Add a Revoke Permissions option to the Avatar Health menuShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-7373SLURL Options (Such as Track Resident) are not available when chat headers are enabledAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-7507the new is supposed to support turning off group chats on a case by case basis. Each time I log out and log back in I have to tick the box again and try to save it. Is this a bug or is this meant to be this way.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-7604Installation on Mac OS X sets label for Firestorm executable Cinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-7965[PHOTOTOOLS] Slider bars to directly edit the X, Y and Z vector values for the debug 'RenderShadowSplitExponent' for intergration in Phototools.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-7966[PHOTOTOOLS] Add the ability to exit the X and Y vector values for the debug RenderSSAOEffect' as Sliders for integration in Phototools.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-8367Debug settings search doesn't properly filterAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-8819ability to write on local chat floater when offAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-8850[BUG-1190] [MAINT-2175] 'Pay' button in Object profile does not workShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-9045Remove the mini-profileAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-9304When closing the Beacons menu, console data persists.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-9369Firestorm 4.4.0 (33264): Three compiling issuesUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-9398MINOR tweaking of Area Search: Add a Price Column Please!Cinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-9420Option to add wearables with double click in inventory UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-10125Ability to drag a texture from inventory to sculpt map thumbnail on a modifiable mesh should be disabled.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-10243able to move a folder to a protected folder like the #LSL Bridge folderAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-10402Add "Add to Contact Sets" to right-click-on-avatar menusCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-10438The new Radar button is not translated / El nuevo botón Radar no está traducidoUnassignedPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-10608Contact List need Select All button or checkboxCinder BiscuitsClosed
MinorImprovementFIRE-10616[PATCH] Postprocessed text window should not be editableAnsariel HillerResolved
MinorBugFIRE-10710[PATCH] Inspect Object window columns not resizeableAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-10799in script editor, command-F does not put focus on search-text entry fieldAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-10899[BUG-4997] [MAINT-3671] Tabbed script editor titles frequently failAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-10986Import/Export of ShapeCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-11260Add script library xmls to FSData downloads for updating them dynamicallyTechwolf LupindoPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11276[BUG-3540] [MAINT-2984] llfile.cpp and llxfer.cpp cannot rename files across devicesShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenReopened
MinorBugFIRE-11307[BUG-3609] [MAINT-3017] Inventory Filter on recent tab does not stick through relogAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-11346Add "Add to contact sets" function on the right click menu in Chat/IM windowsCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11362[CHUI] Prefs>User Interface>General tab>Number of times IM tabs flash no longer functions when using horizontal tabs.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11369Logging in or teleporting with water Windlight set to Blackwater completely corrupts the water.Whirly FizzlePassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-11617Area Search add column "prim count" for items foundCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11638Resetting worn tab filters causes entire inventory to show in worn tab until relog.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11647[BUG-3888] [MAINT-3151] Issue with urls being autoclicked when holding left click into an unfocused textbox then dragging pointer over a url and releasing.ShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11658[BUG-3896] [MAINT-3150] [CHUI] CoF there was a folder in the CoF of where the outfit was in inventory - this has been missing a whileTank MasterPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11707[CHUI] "Paste as link" broken for folders in inventory.Tank MasterPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-11747SLShare in Firestorm.UnassignedPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11801Profile - 'cancel' button on your own picks overlaps 'set location' buttonAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-11804Expose MaxFPS Debug Option in Graphics TabAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-11855[OpenSim] Add information to the OpenSim prefs to indicate a login URI is needed.Cinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11922[BUG-4207] [MAINT-3339] Adjust content permissions floater has invalid default 'next owner' permissions Tank MasterPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-11992Preferences UI fixCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12021MaxFPS has no effect anymoreAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12054floating Toasts keep appearing despite "Nearby chat" window openAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12059Pixel adjustment in build floaterCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-12079Allow "Console Fade Chat After # Lines" to be set to 0Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12085Nearby chat toast width setting has no effect on 4.5.1Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12128NearbyChatFloaterBarType "default" behaviourAnsariel HillerClosed
MinorBugFIRE-12134[OpenSim] Syntax Highlight missing for llGetSimulatorHostnameCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorDocumentationFIRE-12140Tooltip for the JSON_INVALID return type is incomplete or inaccurateCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12148XPOSE - Built in pose stand causes script error messageAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12156[OpenSim] Syntax Highlight missing for osGetGridGatekeeperURICinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12164Pixel adjustment in build floater (again)UnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-12220[BUG-4437] [MAINT-3440] Viewer crashes when opening _blank link 5 times from QA
MinorBugFIRE-12238[Ansastorm] When using horizontal tabs, new messages are practically unnoticable.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12259[BUG-4515] [MAINT-3471] Thousands separator comma in inventory count has gone missing. Tank MasterPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12274[METAHARPER] Stacking buttons do not display on dialogs on Metaharper skin.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-12276Group - Member List ExportCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-12288New Windlight Day cycle to add pleaseAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12293[BUG-3725] [MAINT-3069] Removing many items from blacklist causes connection loss.ShouldBeWorkingOnIt LindenPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12303[OpenSim] Syntax Highlight missing for lsClearWindlightSceneCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12314[Firestorm-exp AIS3] Two facebook buttons on bottom toolbar on default settingsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12347[BUG-3988] [MAINT-3187] About land access and Ban List not loading.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12376Contact Sets crash to desktop after typing a name, backspacing it and closing floaterUnassignedClosed
MinorBugFIRE-12418Recent items tab does not show objects until filters are reset.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12451incorrect function name in script editor - llGetGMTclockCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorTechnical taskFIRE-12470Add zoom to command to area search floaterCinder BiscuitsPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12478Issue with object position copy & paste if target position Z axis is below current position's minimum underground drag limit.Ansariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-12530Mouselook OptionAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12559Appearance Window - Button OverflowAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12581[BUG-4874] Object Content Permissions TruncatedAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12598Starlight skin requires update for group member export and shape importHitomi TiponiPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12720Paste/save bug in PicksAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-12725Separate Conference Chat from Group Chat for Sound Notification PurposesPantera PółnocyPassed QA
MinorNew FeatureFIRE-12739counter attachmentsAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12756[VINTAGE] Group colours weirdnessAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12776Script info in area search is not workingAnsariel HillerPassed QA
MinorImprovementFIRE-12794Syntax Highlight missingUnassignedPassed QA
MinorBugFIRE-12808THe filter on the recent tab is reset when restoring from backupAnsariel HillerPassed QA
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